The important bit

The reception will take place in the Banqueting Room in the Guildhall in Bath from 6pm on Sunday 29th December.

Since it's an evening wedding, we're trying to gently encourage people to get out their glad rags and go in evening dress (black tie). It's also worth pointing out that there will be a ceilidh at the reception, so wear shoes that you can dance in!

Transport from the Assembly Rooms to the Guildhall will be by means of your own feet. It's slightly over five minutes from the one to the other on foot, which is quicker than it would be by car or taxi, so we're going to be walking to the Guildhall. Shoes that you can walk in would be an advantage, but hiking boots would probably be a bit of an overreaction and wouldn't look too good with a dinner jacket or gown (you might find it hard to dance with them on as well).

The Guildhall

Bath's town hall, the Guildhall, was built in 1776 by Thomas Baldwin and contains one of the finest 18th century interiors in Bath (of particular note are the chandeliers).

The Entrance to the Guildhall

There will be dancing!

As mentioned above, we're having a ceilidh at the reception, so wear shoes that you can dance in. Don't worry if you've no idea how to strip the willow or dance the Gay Gordons - we will have a caller to help you through it (and if someone as ungainly as Nick can manage to dance without inflicting permanent injury, then anyone can).

We'll be putting more information about the band here as it becomes available, and possibly also some links to ceilidh or Scots Country Dancing websites.

The Banqueting Room