We've made a copy of a map of central Bath below, but you can also use Multimap or Streetmap.

How to get to Bath From the M4

These directions are from J18 of the M4 to Queen Square in Bath, which is where the Francis Hotel is located.

  1. Leave the M4 at Junction 18 and turn south onto the A46
  2. At the A4 roundabout (after about 8 miles), turn right onto the A4 towards Bath
  3. Keep going straight ahead until you come to a junction with traffic lights at which the A36 is signposted to the left. Go straight across the traffic lights onto London Road (still the A4)
  4. Take the second exit at the mini-roundabout to stay on London Road.
  5. Stay on this road (labelled on the map as Roman Road) until you come to the next set of traffic lights. Go straight across onto George Street.
  6. Continue along George Street and turn left at the end
  7. Continue until the traffic lights which are at the north-east entrance to Queen Square.
  8. Queen Square has a one-way system which runs clockwise around the square.
  9. The Francis Hotel is on the south side of Queen Square.

To get to the hotel carpark, drive past the Francis Hotel and take the first left after the hotel onto Princess Street. The entrance to the hotel carpark is on the left.

To get to the municipal carpark on Charlotte Street, drive three quarters of the way around Queen Square, and exit the square on the road labelled Bristol (A4). The Charlotte Street carpark is on the right, and should be clearly signposted.

Getting to Bath by Train

Trains run to Bath Spa from London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads (Great Western) and from Southampton and Cardiff (Wales and West Alphaline). It's probably easiest to get a taxi from the station to the hotel.

Getting to the Assembly Rooms from the Hotel

The Assembly Rooms are a five to ten minute walk from the hotel, up a moderate slope in places (you can't get away from hills in Bath).

  1. After leaving the hotel, turn right and walk to the south-east corner of Queen Square
  2. At the corner, leave Queen Square and walk onto Wood Street
  3. Cross the junction with John Street onto Quiet Street (there's a story behind these names)
  4. At the end of Quiet Street, turn left onto Milsom Street (the main shopping thoroughfare in Bath)
  5. Walk up Milsom Street to the junction with George Street (if you don't walk past Waterstone's and Jolly's, you've gone the wrong way)
  6. Cross George Street at the zebra crossing and walk up Bartlett Street, which is straight across and slightly to the right of the junction with Milsom Street (if you don't walk past the House of Bath, you've gone the wrong way)
  7. At the top of Bartlett Street, the building in front and slightly to the left of you is the Assembly Rooms. The entrance is on the left hand end of the building, so turn left and follow the building round.

Please note that parking is difficult in the vicinity of the Assembly Rooms, so if you don't feel up to the walk, you're advised to hire a taxi rather than try to drive and find a parking space.

Getting to the Guildhall from the Assembly Rooms

No directions needed - enough people should be walking in that direction that we'll be able to lead you all.

Again, the proviso about parking spaces also holds for the Guildhall.

Getting to the Francis Hotel from the Guildhall

This should partly retrace your route from the Assembly Rooms, and from the Hotel to the Assembly Rooms.

  1. Cross the road in front of the Guildhall at the crossing and walk into Northumberland Place (through an archway next to Coffee Republic)
  2. Walk to the end of Northumberland Place, then turn right onto Union Street
  3. Continue on Union Street (which is pedestrianised) until you come to Milsom Street. Walk straight ahead onto Milsom Street
  4. Take the first left onto Quiet Street
  5. Continue straight ahead, onto Wood Street, then onto Queen Square. The hotel is on the left

If all else goes wrong

If you're really stuck and you can't work out where in Bath you are, phone us and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.